Day 5: Transit Museum and New Brunswick!

I had to leave the hostel to check out, so I decided to head north to my new hostel (Hostelling International NYC – they claim to be the largest in North America) and then take thing from there. I checked in my stuff and then headed to Brooklyn to check out the Transit Museum. I swear I must have walked past the museum twice before realizing that what I thought was a subway entrance was actually the entrance to the museum!

At first the museum looked like it was catering specifically to kids, with relatively mundane exhibits about how the subway was built and how electricity is used to power the entire system. But the bottom floor had a whole slew of trains that had been in service since the early 20th century. They had decked out the insides with period advertisements, and there was even a (obviously well-taken-care-of) cat who confidently trotted about the platform. (Wikipedia tells me The Taking of Pelham One Two Three was filmed there). So while the first part of the museum was rather disappointing, I was thoroughly enthralled and enchanted by the bottom platform area. It’s not exactly the cheapest at $7 for entrance, but it’s well worth it given that it’s not terribly crowded and there’s a lot of fun things to learn about. I wished the museum store were a bit better stocked, however!

After strolling about Brooklyn I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and took the train back home, after which I promptly turned around and headed out to New Brunswick, NJ, to meet David, a fellow Swattie who’s finishing up his Master’s in Public Policy at the Bloustein School, Rutgers. It was great catching up, and the one-hour ride wasn’t too bad either.


~ by allthenittygritty on April 4, 2012.

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