Day 3: Meetup!

I spent the morning being relatively lazy before meeting up with a friend from middle school, Kensuke. It had been so long since we had last met, but it was awfully good to catch up. It also helps to be able to share the concerns I have about going back to Japan, and how my fears about corporate culture may not be entirely unfounded. After a good lunch at the Brasserie 360 on the Upper East Side, we headed to Book Off, and then I headed towards Dainobu to pick up a few snacks before heading back home to the hostel. I managed successfully to take the express E train up to 125th, double back and take the express A train down to 59th, before realizing that some of the express lines were running on the local tracks (I had to duck out of another express going northbound, or else I would’ve had to double back for a third time!)

After staggering wearily back to my room I met Benno, who is a German student from Tübingen who’s participating in the Model United Nations event this week. We had dinner and beer, and it was a welcome change from a self-imposed isolation I had wanted and desired.

Tomorrow, Brooklyn Transit Museum? If the weather’s fair, definitely some walking around will be done.


~ by allthenittygritty on April 2, 2012.

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