Day 2: Movie Marathon

I woke up to a fairly dreary day outside and figured it would be a good day for a movie marathon, as I had hoped. There’s a Japanese guy downstairs who’s about 60 or so and who is a combination of nice and creepy, and he asks for my Facebook connection. It’s hard to say no at that instant, but I’ll definitely unfriend him when I leave.


ImageSo I head to the 68th street Loews Theatre and pick up a $6 ticket to see The Hunger Games. I follow that up with 21 Jump Street, and, lastly, Mirror Mirror. I’ll post reviews on my other blog, but regardless it was a rare movie marathon where all three were pretty good (I’ve gone to see just one movie and it’s been abysmal, like Ultraviolet). I started at 11:45 with Hunger Games and ended at around 6:30 with Mirror Mirror, so it was a total of about 7 hours of movie watching (what with previews and time in between).

Definitely glad to have been able to check that off my bucket list!


~ by allthenittygritty on April 2, 2012.

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