Web dev angsts

My gosh. Sometimes the idiocy of clients are so beyond comprehensible.

Context: client wants website. We go back and forth with discussions, and they seem pretty happy with the markup I send. I ask for confirmation that they’re happy with it, and they say yes. I make website. A few days later, they come back with a brand new layout, and say this is what they want.

It was only after some discussion that we realized that the layout we had envisioned was quite different, though I’m sorry that came so late in the process and after you had completed the coding.

WTF. I’m billing you extra for that. The layout they send looks like it was made on paint by some 2-year old, but I’m not going to even start there. Once I make it to their specs, I get the following response:

It’s exciting to have a website I want to show people.

It’s not going on my portfolio, that’s for sure. I’m currently being subjected to designing a website that looks like it came from the mid 1990s. It’s very painful.

Further requests:

The font of all normal text on the pages (such as the text of blog entries and their titles, as well as the text of all the pages of the site) should be in OldNewspaperTypes font if possible.

Ha. ha. Do you even know anything about fonts? Pffft. I’m in ultra frustrated mode right now. The customer is always right. Well they can be right, but they’ll just have to pay for it.

UPDATE: The folly continues:

Sorry for all these last minute changes, there was some miscommunication within our group about changes and an email was sent to you with the wrong changes. I am sharing a google doc with you that has the final version of how we want the layout. I really appreciate your patience with us!


~ by allthenittygritty on August 17, 2009.

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