How so easy it is to be in debt

For the past month, I have been living by the skin of my teeth. It’s scary, really, to think that I had gone from comfortably keeping several thousand dollars in my checking account, to coming within $3 of surpassing my credit line and rationing on food just to get by, with the knowledge that the near distant future will bring relief and relaxation from being so close to the edge.

If there is anything I can put the blame on, it is upon my exceedingly selfish desire to get everything done sooner rather than later. Patience is a virtue I feel I have only when it comes to dealing with other people, especially the people I care about, but it’s not something I exact upon myself. Hence, with a

  1. crown-lengthening
  2. root canal
  3. wisdom-tooth extraction
  4. car
  5. car insurance
  6. driver’s license

expenditure for the past month (only partly covered by insurance), it’s been pretty hellish so far. I’m not looking for consoling or empathy, though I do hope my writing now may serve is a reminder for years down the line.

So technically, I am not in debt. I was late on my rent payment, which has soured things somewhat, but I’ve decided to pay my landlord a bit extra as restitution.


~ by allthenittygritty on August 4, 2009.

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