Hello world!

And here it all begins. My ramblings, thoughts, and words that I have so long forsaken in favor of satisfying my readership with things I had hoped *they* would find interesting. Where do I begin?

I work as a software engineer. I’m at work relatively early (before 8) and leave at around 5, though the whole schedule is very flexible. I do a lot of that sitting in front of computer screens and writing code, and my posture as of late has not been exactly great.

Weekends are excedingly slow. Everyone in the house (L and T), leaves the house on Friday and don’t get back till Sunday, usually, which means the house is terribly quiet and I don’t feel very much in the mood to go about tinkering. I guess I suffer more from of a lack of ideas, however. I’m shunted more by the feeling of not having a way of getting around, which hopefully will resolve itself by my obtaining a license.

I went to the endodontist yesterday, for a root canal procedure that has deprived me of over $1000, even with insurance. I remember the time in Paris when the dentist, aware of my financial plight, did a whole root canal and crown procedure for no more than $200. It was much simpler, then, it seems, because the one doctor did everything and I didn’t have to go to the general doctor, then the periodontist, then the endodontist, just to get a tooth fixed up.


~ by allthenittygritty on July 31, 2009.

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